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By Dollarhyde
#104930 @deaf, amazing album
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Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop from Europe 1980-1991
Released on Music from Memory ... e/11610234

Stumbled across this comp by chance and it has been getting a lot of TT time. I can see this being my comp of the year. Brilliantly curated selection of left field indie pop, each with its own interesting twist on 'pop'. Not necessarily a summation of European deviant pop, but rather a brilliant selection of amazing tunes. I guess you could say it has a summery vibe going on, imo anyway.
Brilliant package (with notes) and nice sounding vinyl for a comp, only downside is no DDL included with the record.
Some clips are up on SoundCloud ... -1980-1991
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By Mateo Sanboval
ScoJo wrote:
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Have a great weekend folks!

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