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By Jimmy_Mike
#109220 Image

I know nothing about this, but it's a fun slab. Sounds like a early morning cartoons, breakfast cereal and Quentin Tarantino films all in one.
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By static14
texasvinyl wrote:Aargh why did I not buy those signed hellraiser 1 & 2 records.... "Too expensive" I said

I thought it was too expensive too, but my wife grabbed it for me as a gift when Young still had them on his website. :)
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By ScoJo
#109267 Inspirational revolutions up in here today.

Between a Sunday post-gig hangover double bill of Hot Rod and Macgruber, couple of recent arrivals pon the decks o'steel:


Philip Lambro, killer sides of smooth 70s CineFunk- think Shire, Small, Schifrin and you won't be far away. Recommended highly.


Knew nothing of this Vangelis OST until last week and it's a real keeper - Side A is ethereal and reminiscent of his other scores, Side B kicks off with a pretty wild slab of fruity psyche rock then settles down. I back this one all the way.
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By tim28212
milliondollars wrote:fantastic Baxter spins @tim!
i have (almost) all of his early exotica stuff, but these scores i don't have. which do you recommend the most?

all 3 are excellent but I think I like Dunwich Horror the best.
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By zuko

Nice surprise waiting for me when I got into the office today! Anyone else get theirs yet?

Someone has put some love and care into this – liner notes, stills from the film and Roubaix, and most importantly it plays great!
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By milliondollars
Mateo Sanboval wrote:
milliondollars wrote:i have (almost) all of his early exotica stuff

Show 'em off, baby!

you keeping me way too busy...

after checking his discogs listings, i can tell that i miss a lot from his discography but i don't mind as i would say that i have some of his finest (early) output. love these records.

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By Mateo Sanboval
#109323 Damn, Millie. Thanks for that awesome pic. I'm yet again jealous of your stash. I only have three of those and one you don't, but they are probably my four favorite Les B's. Caribbean Moonlight, Tamboo!, Ritual of the Savage, and Sacred Idol. I'd love to get my paws on Jewels of the Sea and Jungle Jazz someday.
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By milliondollars
#109325 Sacred Idol? good to know, need to get a copy of that one. want on my want list immediately...

don't forget about the awesome Bugaloo in Brazil on KPM. super classic for me.

also i need to dig a little for those OST records Tim has posted!