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By deafmetal
tim28212 wrote:this popped up at my local shop
Antarctica = 南極物語 - Vangelis
Polydor ‎– 28MM 0290

@tim - Nice scoop, I would like to pick up a copy of that some day soon.
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By NathanLurker
#106063 @texasvinyl : Nice ! A legit release of that original Doom soundtrack would be very welcome. I'm also looking forward to the Quake soubndtrack release that has been anounced for a while now on the Nine inch Nails webstore.
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By texasvinyl
#106065 The whole release is very unusual. The vinyl color effect, pressing quality are quite good. There is a proper jacket inside of a screen printed outer wrap, and a numbered print inside the jacket. Yet there were only 100 done. I think it turned out to be nicer than a lot of legit releases. I have absolutely no idea who put this together, but I'm happy to have a copy of it.
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By ScoJo
#106130 The music of Francois de Roubaix lights a fire in my brain and soothes my soul...and labels such as WeMe (and now Transversales) are doing the Lord's work in finally releasing many of his greatest works onto LP. Le Saut de Ange/R.A.S is a doozie!

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