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By Hatter313
#100269 Hey folks, I don't usually do this but I'm selling the MondoCon Ex Machina print and I wanted to give any forum members first crack before I put it up on eBay. The print is by Rory Kurtz and its stunning.

Ex Machina by Rory Kurtz.jpg

Price is $300 + free shipping for board members. (seems to be the mid range of what it's going for right now). It will ship rolled in the tube, and its only been unrolled once to see it in person.

I'm open to reasonable offers if you want to make one. US buyers only please. PM me here. thanks.

I'm also contemplating putting the screening variant of Labyrinth up (got the other variant the next day which i liked better) but I'll post about that soon if my friend doesn't want it.

Thanks all.