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By ScoJo
#97371 Hey chums.....

Looks like I'll be doing my first solo thang proper next month, supporting Domino artist Thomas Ragsdale here in Birmingham. Yikes!

Needless to say, friendly faces (esp. if you bring bulging sacks of confidence-boosting Columbian medicine dust with you!) will be most welcome if you can make it. I think I'm planning to do a short programme of live scores for some surreal short films. I believe a third act has also been added to the bill, details TBC. (Centrala is a terrific artist-led space here, Polish ex-pats focus, where some of you attended screening of PHASE IV I did on 16mm a while back.)

Thanks and may the Goddess smile upon my humble endeavours....


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By ScoJo
#97920 Wish me luck, friends. Literally finished writing/rehearsing this set last night! Should be....innerestin'.

The other acts are minimalist electronica, very nice too. For some reason, I decided to do a score for a 30min film from 1980 made by my favourite UFO cult. It's sounding like an unholy mash between Tangerine Dream, Moroder, Kraftwerk and Galactic Nightmare (DEFINITELY more of the latter, haha....)

It's almost completely just a Russian AELITA synth from the 80's and a loop pedal, with some guitar and drum machine. It's going to be....challenging ;)

Definitely recording/filming the set so we'll see how it goes down before I promise to share the fuck I got to the tender age of forty **** without doing a solo show I will never know, but it happened.

Hope you all enjoy your evenings too, see you on the other side!


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By Mateo Sanboval
static14 wrote:
Dollarhyde wrote:
static14 wrote:Break all the legs!

And Heads!

; D

Add some arms and necks for good measure.


That adds up to GBH, lads. I hate to criticize, but that's not very sound advice.

PS - I love that movie sooooo much. Without irony.
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By ScoJo
#97965 @deaf -

That is one extraordinary gif. Full marks.

@Bez -

Weellll.....disappointingly, I managed to film both of the other acts but had such a tech nightmare before my set that I forgot to start all of my devices recording! Heh be fair (on myself) it was pretty full on just getting the show up and running, so hey - better luck next time. (Oh, plus the guy who had told me he was going to come and man the camera for me didn't show up, with no explanation, which you know didn't help!)

In brighter news, I'm planning to record the set and put it out with the film at some point - quite a lot of it is already done, just needs to be tweaked and mixed etc, some other parts added. So, watch this space cheers :)