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By Spun out of control
#100929 Cockles suitably warmed on this very cold and crisp November morning by the incredible generosity of this package that has just arrived from fellow Frizzi fanatic @deafmetal

Not being in the States, was unable to witness his concerts this year, nor pick up the Ship 2 Shore or Cadabra vinyl releases without losing an arm and possibly both legs... so your good friend and mine has brought the heat to me.

No word of a lie, this is probably the most exciting package I've received all year, and I do buy a lot of (too much) stuff!

(That said, there is so much great music getting released. I recently tried to fillet out any dead wood from my collection as both a means to make room and make cash, but decided 'no, these are pretty much all keepers.' The curse of the collector!)

Will be keeping this batch close to the stereo! Big thanks again to Deaf!
Fabio Frizzi vinyl collection.jpg
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By Hatter313
#106629 Thank you my man @static for a pristine sealed copy of the goonies, Cheers dude!
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By deafmetal
#109863 I have to say that @Dollarhyde does some of the best packing/protection for vinyl I have seen. I keep trying to improve how I ship LP's, especially internationally, and Matt is an inspiration. Corners bends can be prevented with proper oversized packing!

Thanks again, I have a very interesting pile of wax to go through this autumn.
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By Dollarhyde
#109880 @mateo

Put simply I bought myself a big roll of bubble wrap and some cruciform mailers. Bubble wrap is cheap and ways nothing. If I'm sending several records, and/or I'm posting overseas I double up on the cruciform mailers. E.g. records stacked in poly sleeves with a stiffener then wrapped generously in the wrap, next a cruciform mailer, then another layer of wrap, then the second mailer if needed. Lastly I put some wrap on the corners and then bind all the edges in packing tape. All done with some TLC.

I'm also wondering if cleaning records before posting prevents possible grazing on the LP from dust or dirt.

No pictures I'm afraid :(
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By Mateo Sanboval
#111244 Huge props to our guy Static. He knows what he did, but suffice to say one would be hard pressed to find a more trustworthy fellow with whom to do business. Chin chin!
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By Hatter313
#112928 There may be no STBC’er with a more impressive collection of original slabs of awesomeness than our friend @deafmetal, and I know that from my own in person interactions with him in Austin that he is also just a great guy to grab a drink with and talk about movies and music.

Well one of those original slices of wax from Portland’s very own soundtrack master is nownin my own home here on the east coast. PNW weather rolled into town today and brought with it a flawlessly gorgeous copy of Bruno Nicolai’s Il Conte Dracula, which as anyone whose been on here lately will know is definitely in my current jam. If you ever have a reason to do business with @deaf, run don’t walk.

Thanks again brother, now time for some more drac :)