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By ScoJo
texasvinyl wrote:No experience with that, I figured it wasn't worth it in this case since only a couple had the small beginnings of a seam split. They did mention insured shipment, so you could always ask!

In other news, all 8 copies for the forum have been shipped, so you should all get them soon!

... and Texas didst then rest, his Holy work being accomplished.

Very keen to hear what y'all y'all think of it. I still need to bite bullet on that first set of Goraguer hump jams, but best believe I covet them both with a fervour that is both mighty, rigid and righteous. Scccchhwiiiiiiiing!!
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By inksb
#107952 I received my copy yesterday. What a fantastic release. The little booklet it comes with is hilarious. I threw the LP on last night while making dinner. It's excellent. Even the wife enjoyed it. Thanks for organizing this, very appreciated and happy to have this in my collection.