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By texasvinyl
#105589 OK here is the thread for the new Alain Goraguer LP project. You can read about it here: ... -classee-x

I have reserved ten copies for those of us in the states in order to make the price more affordable for us.

So far I have on the list:


Plus me is nine so far. Any others want to add their name to the list? All said and done it should end up costing around $35 each instead of $55 if ordering individually. If there should be more than ten I can always bump the order up to 20 copies instead of 10, as long as I do that within the next 30 days.

The last Goraguer record Brigitte Lahaie: The Cult Record was extremely good, so this new one should be pretty cool, plus the raunchy gatefold images and x rated booklet ;)

Not sure of the delivery ETA. The last project did take a long time before the records were delivered, but it was worth the wait.
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By ScoJo
#107481 Hey!

Does anyone have a good digital rip of The Monster Squad Rap, featured as B-side on the Mondo 7" release a few years back? The ones on YT are janky AF.
DM if you can help cheers!

*Edit* Sorted. Gracias, brother @mateo.
Oh and please don't ask how this randomly managed to end up slap bang in middle of this thread. This Was Not How It Was Meant To Be.
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By Jimmy_Mike
Mateo Sanboval wrote:
Jimmy_Mike wrote:honchoing


Gents, I would like to apologize for using that phrase. I picked it up while working for the Department of Defense and had no idea it comes from post-WWII anti-Japanese sentiment. I am taking my post down and will not use that word again.
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By Mateo Sanboval
#107581 Dude, I've honestly never heard that before. I thought honchoing would mean taking charge of, from the word honcho. I never realized honcho came from a bad place. At worst, I thought we were just assimilating a Japanese military term into our own colloquial lexicon as it held roughly the same meaning. I've never heard of it being used in an overtly negative way, like "gypped", for example, where the definition of a commonly used phrase is already overtly negative before one even begins to dig into its etymology. Looks like I've some reading to do.
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By texasvinyl
#107737 No experience with that, I figured it wasn't worth it in this case since only a couple had the small beginnings of a seam split. They did mention insured shipment, so you could always ask!

In other news, all 8 copies for the forum have been shipped, so you should all get them soon!