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By Steve Spettro
Mateo Sanboval wrote:Great news. Let's hope that's not the final art choice, but I truly love this flick. Can't wait to scoop the score. And cues!

the artwork you see should be for a poster - sleeve artwork out soon - i really love the color of the vinyl

ScoJo wrote:FUCK. YEAH!

PDR are absolutely on point with their recent releases...welcome to our world, fellas!

totally agree, ace label
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By Steve Spettro
#103183 it is quite sad and painful to see all this story still going on

it is sad i did this post last year, i wish i didn't

as many here ( and perhaps all around the web right now) can remember the vinyl by Spettro Family : Glow in the Dark was supposed to be out on that label - of course never did

because of this i lost a lot of time, work and $$$$ - it was just stress all around for more than one year and still today i pay for this as i'm struggling for $$$$ every day - he basically put me in a real bad situation

i have my bandcamp with all of my previous releases at special price - please support if you can - thanks
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By Mateo Sanboval
#104641 What a rummy outfit this is. I need that sweet, sweet Wolfen. And preferably not with some half-assed vapor-art cover design on poorly-themed marbled wax. Just put it straight into my veins.
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By NathanLurker
#104644 I had Night of the Comet, TCM the shocking Truth and Galaxy of Terror on preorder. I have received no shipping notifications so I assume they'll all ship together once Galaxy of terror starts shipping. their bigcartel site say that it should start shipping around mid april. *fingers crossed*