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By monsterworship
Dollarhyde wrote:@monster

It's a 2xlp half of side 4 has some really great bgm cuts. The rest of the album is, I think, the entire audio of the movie. What's really great though is the music is all on the left channel and the dialogue and fx all on the right.
Also it comes with a pretty remarkable large fold out poster.

Curious if other drama lps on Starchild are done this way.

In regard to all the hissatsu lps I would say some seem to be better than others. Not listened to them all yet but generally it seems the earlier the series the better the music, there were like over 20 series I think. Working out which belongs to which series isn't easy either. I grabbed them all in a lot auction.

yeah, i have a really nice copy of frankenstein. i think a lot of Starchild has dialogue. i probably have 10 or so.
By 334578rpm
#102653 Hellraiser cube arrived today. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Some of the pics online made it look massive! But it's a pretty reasonable size. The inside is solid and lined with felt with about an inch wide slit in the middle to house the records. It's a nice touch and prevents them from sliding around in transit (although it can't be used to store anything else).
Tonight I'm watching Cloverfield Paradox, but I plan on giving it a listen tomorrow.
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By deafmetal
#103090 I have been grabbing a few more Mondo test presses that are surfacing, including a very interesting title.....

Stage Fright expanded 45rpm 2LP album with Stefano Mainetti/Simon Boswell tracks! Anybody else hear about this at MondoCon last year? Supposedly, Ghoulish Gary's artwork was too similar to the Boswell/Flick records release, and the whole project was scrapped? Insane.... it sounds excellent. Tracklist is similar to the Deliria album on Lucertola Media.


All of these test pressings are sounding nice and clean.
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By Spun out of control
#103091 @deafmetal... good scoop there buddy, had no idea this was under consideration by Mondo for vinyl release (or if it was, I'd forgotten). Thank you also for directing me towards that Deliria CD release earlier.

I wonder how many other titles make it to test pressings and fall by the wayside? I recall someone getting a test press of the mooted Charlotte Hatherley Death Waltz Originals release that never went any further. Would've been right up my street too. Sh*t happens, I guess...
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By Mateo Sanboval
#103097 @Deaf - Why wouldn't they just commission new Stage Fright artwork rather than scrap the whole project? Great gets, by the bye.

@Spun - Do you know what happened to the Charlotte Weatherly LP? DWO has had something by Matt Akers for ages now and I'm starting to wonder if some things get delayed for a lot longer than I'd previously thought. Like years.